Controversial Rapper Namewee’s YouTube Account Hacked, Believed To Be A Russian Job

Namewee, a Malaysian based hip hop recording artist, actor and director, lost his Youtube channel to hackers on 6 April for a number of hours before getting it back on the same day. It is suspected to be a Russian job due to the words that were changed on his channel.

Namewee’s Youtube account that was set up in 2006 has over 3.27 billion subscribers and 1.4 billion views.

The controversial icon sent a message to the hackers on his Instagram, challenging them to come and find him in Waterloo, London. Since the hackers were Russians, he also expressed his support for Ukraine in light of the current war Russia is engaged in.

Source: Instagram, nameweephoto

Netizens sympathized with him and mentioned that he will get his account back eventually.

Some called him a legend for issuing an open challenge to the hackers.

There are those who wondered if the hackers were actually Russians.

Sometimes hackers hack because they can, especially if you’re a celebrity. There’s a lot that they can do from the data they get.

Namewee finally regained control of his account on the same day in the afternoon.

Source: Instagram, nameweephoto

He thanked his supporters for their never ending help and support. He also mentioned that he will keep creating content and continue voicing out for freedom.

Source: Straits Times

Namewee gained prominence for his controversial satirical  videos which touched on government inefficiency, corruption and unequal treatment. He believes that he has a social responsibility to raise up such issues as a creator and he will continue doing it.

“I think I have the responsibility to bring up some social issues. Many Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong directors bring up some social issues. Also through my music, like how rapper Eminem brings up issues,” – Namewee for CNA

Reporter’s Opinions: I’m not surprised that hackers finally got to him. It probably didn’t have anything to do with his controversial takes.

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Hackers will hack anyone they can to get data and use it for ransom. If you happen to be a celebrity, then even better because they believe that you’d pay any amount to get your content back.

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I am a nobody yet my own Instagram account was almost hacked a couple of weeks back. I received emails from Instagram saying that I requested a password change when I didn’t. It was the third attempt in 2 weeks. 

That’s why it’s important to secure your accounts. For example, Instagram has a 2 factor authentication function to ensure that no one can access your account except you.

Namewee probably got more followers after the hacking episode.

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