Condom Wedding Gift Prank Backfires, Netizens Call Out Groom’s Friends For Rude Joke

A TikTok of a wedding went viral for all the wrong reasons when a bunch of the groom’s friends decided to gift the newlywed a bunch of condoms.

The video of the Malaysian couple was posted on Twitter and it gained over 13k quote tweets.

The bride was visibly uncomfortable as her husband’s friends gifted him one condom after the other.

Netizens were disgusted by the groom’s friends’ behaviour, calling them immature.

Many said that it wasn’t funny even if it was meant as a prank or joke.

Some were concerned for the couple as both of them had no choice but to smile through the whole embarrassing situation.

Some were of the opinion that sexual jokes should not be normalized, even as a joke.

One said that the bride should have kicked the friends out for their inappropriate behaviour.

The couple’s viral video was featured on an mStar article. The article mentioned that the groom wasn’t offended by his friends’ prank.

“They’re my friends. I wasn’t offended by them even when their actions seemed disrespectful. Even they felt bad that their joke became the talk of the town.”

Even though the groom said he didn’t feel insulted, he apologised on behalf of his friends for triggering the whole of Malaysia with their poor taste in humour.

Reporter’s Opinions: They need household appliances more. Or just give them money.

Why would you gift condoms to a newly married couple? 

You really want to be a part of their family planning? Clearly your actions will make them think twice before deciding to have kids. 

Such behaviour is stupid and makes one wonder if your parents should used a condom that night 20 odd years ago instead of getting busy with each other.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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