Co-Owner Of Local Food Outlet Ishiro, Allegedly Used Racial Slur On Malay Muslim Owned F&B Outlet

A local f&b establishment, Ishiro, is embroiled in a saga where the co-owners allegedly left bad reviews on other restaurants simply because they could.

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The Social Outcast(TSO), a charcoal grilled meat specialist, was also a victim of these trolls when they were still located at Bedok Marketplace.

Our reporter reached out to Noelle, admin of The Social Outcast to find out more about the saga.

The crew of TSO were victims of racist slurs by the “staff” of Ishiro. Unsavoury racist comments were left in the review section of the TSO Facebook page, calling Mint the chef of TSO a “yalam”.

For the uninitiated, yalam is a slur used against people of malay descent in Singapore. If that wasn’t enough, the trolls ganged up on those who defended TSO in the comments section.

Source: Noelle, TSO

It gets worse as TSO and a food delivery rider became victims of a prank pulled by these trolls. A cash on delivery order was made via Grab by a Wenbin on the 17th of January this year when TSO was still operating at Bedok Marketplace.

Source: Noelle, TSO

The rider called the customer to pick up their order but to no avail. When the food was returned to TSO, they realized they’d been trolled. Two weeks later, another order was made by the same troll, Wenbin, for a COD.  TSO only made the connection when the story of Ishiro trolls went viral on foodieking.

Source: Noelle, TSO

Proof of purchase of over $100 by Wenbin from TSO.

Source: Noelle, TSO

The best part was that Ishiro was TSO’s neighbor at Bedok Marketplace.

Source: Noelle, TSO

Noelle graciously shared the screenshots of Ishiguro’s service recovery and apology. Comments made by TSO on Ishiguro’s apology post were deleted before they were blocked.

Source: Noelle, TSO

Mint, owner of TSO is convinced that the trolls were part of Ishiro’s management after confirming with Bedok Marketplace management. His comments were deleted by Ishiro’s IG admin when he tried to raise awareness about the whole saga.

According to Noelle, Ishiguro did reach out to TSO but they seemed unapologetic as TSO was not able to respond to the sender.

Source: Noelle, TSO

For those not aware, when one cannot reply to a FB message, it means the sender blocked the recipient or they deactivated their account.

While Ishiro seems to be shifting the blame to their staff, TSO reached out to the management of Bedok Marketplace which confirmed Deon is the owner of Ishiro and Wenbin is a partner.

Source: Noelle, TSO

Netizens were outraged by the unethical behavior displayed and gave their two cents worth.

Ishiro’s ratings on Google went down drastically after they went viral for the wrong reasons and invited the ire of disgruntled netizens.

Do not invite the anger of the riders unnecessarily. They are responsible for your food delivery.

Some trolled Ishiro the way their “staff” trolled other establishments.

Mentai-Ya was one of the few victims of “staff” from Ishiro Rice Bowl that received scathing reviews which said that the food served was substandard. Same trolls, Eunice and Wenbin claimed that they were given bad service by the staff at Mentai-Ya. As part of their service recovery, Mentai-Ya owner offered to refund them for the food and that was when he made a very interesting connection via the paylah number given to him.

Source: foodieking

After being called out, Ishiro made a statement defending their “staff” which they retracted following a backlash.

Source: Facebook, Mentai-Ya Japanese Cuisine

Ishiro released their apology on Instagram after the backlash but it was a little too late because by then, they were seen as bullies by the general public with how the whole issue was being handled by them.

We reached out to Ishiro for a statement but received no response.

Reporter’s Opinions: It is one thing to self review but to go around bullying and trolling other establishments? Are you still in fucking secondary school?

Why the fuck would you wanna target all these establishments that sells different food from you? Especially for the case of TSO, they’re doing a smoke house style eatery that is muslim owned and halal. They’re not your direct competition. And if you do see them as a threat, the problem lies in your own food, service and insecurity.

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The moment people find out that you’re a bully, you’re done for. It is the age of cancelling and just like how you used social media to troll, the power of the same social media will be your downfall.

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Let this be a lesson for all business owners who like to bring others down for no reason.

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