Clueless Shoppers In TikTok Show Safe Entry To Guy Sitting In Mall, Video Gains 2.5 Million Views

Fake it till you make it is a modern day adage that many live by today. Garett’s TikTok video where his friend was sitting in the safe entry ambassador’s chair proves just that. The TikTok went viral with over 2.5 million views overnight.


dw guys keeping singapore safe 😊 #fyp #🤡

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It seems like his friend was sitting at the entrance of 313 Somerset for fun but people started to show their safe entry passes to him. The video was posted after the safe entry regulation was lifted.

Being the sport that he is, he continued to nod at the stream of people showing him their check-ins.

He tried to leave but more people started walking in and the poor man was stuck there, just being polite.

Netizens had fun in the comments section, saying that he has no choice but to remain committed to his “job”.

Maybe because safe entry is no longer required at that point in time.Singaporeans are so used to obeying rules that we sometimes forget the regulations have changed.

Sometimes you have to stay committed to the part till the universe decides that it’s over for you.

Perhaps the video was done in the spirit of good fun but it is good to see Singaporeans being law abiding citizens.

But a word of advice to those out there: fake it till you make it works. All you need is a little bit of self confidence. 

Reporter’s Opinions: I think it was a prank they planned but didn’t expect to go that well. 2.5 million views is an achievement, especially when the only hashtags he used was #fyp. 

Poor kid had to sit and nod through the rows of people filing into the mall. But gotta give it to him for his commitment to the role.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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