Hundreds Of Domestic Helpers Turn Up For Hari Raya Banquet After Covid Hiatus

Source: POS TKI

Anwar Tahar, the CEO of POS TKI Logistics, held a Hari Raya meet-up for Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore. The meet-up,named ‘Halal Bil Halal’, was held over the weekend after 2 years due to Covid. The event was a yearly one prior to Covid. He is known for his generosity, especially towards the foreign domestic workers earning a living here in Singapore.

“The purpose of the gathering is to celebrate Hari Raya with these Indonesian domestic workers as they are unable to go back to their home country due to Covid.” – Anwar Tahar for BERITAmediacorp

Netizens had positive reactions to the initiative made by Anwar. They prayed for his success and health.

Source: POS TKI

Some could not resist taking a dig at those who wanted to boycott Singapore over the UAS saga, especially at Ahmad Dhani.

Source: POS TKI

The big boss himself replied, saying that he will try to do a better event next year.

Source: POS TKI

While the turnout for previous years was close to 3000, only 500 people turned up this year, with the restrictions on big crowds still in place.

Anwar also mentioned that the event was planned suddenly over the course of 3 to 4 days as they haven’t done the meet-up in 2 years due to Covid. He is thankful to the staff of POS TKI for helping out to ensure that the event went on smoothly.

“I hope to organise a bigger event if given the opportunity in years to come so we can celebrate with these foreign domestic workers who have made a significant contribution in Singapore.” – Anwar Tahar for BERITAmediacorp

Reporter’s Opinions: The big boss Anwar Tahar is known for his generosity.

Despite the current hooha about the boycott and all, people in Singapore appreciate the foreign domestic workers force here. Without them, many families here would have a hard time juggling looking after their children or elderly and their jobs.

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