Biryani Restaurant Allegedly Almost Overcharges Customer, Others Step Forward With Similar Experiences

A disgruntled customer took to Facebook to complain about his experience dining in at Zam Zam Restaurant Singapore. Ishak A Rahman shared that he was almost overcharged by $37.50.

Ishak said that he asked the cashier to recalculate his total based on what he ordered. When they recalculated, the actual total was $45.50. He then asked why he was nearly charged an extra $37.50, the cashier replied nonchalantly that it was a mistake on the staff’s part.

Netizens shared their own similar experiences at Zam Zam. One was charged an extra $31 but only realized it when she was on her way home. She didn’t make her way back to the restaurant to claim the money  as it was far from her house.

Some eagle eyed observers noted that the handwriting of the two values were different. It could have been a mistake made by other staff when they wanted to add on purchases by another customer.

Then there is one who believed that it was an honest mistake and that it should not be viralled.

Zam Zam Restaurant has been receiving bad reviews for quite some time now. A quick Google search shows the dissatisfaction customers experienced with them recently. This guide complained of poor service and mediocre food.

Another was unfortunate enough to find live maggots on their serving plate.

This customer was served a regular biryani despite ordering a dum biryani. She also complained of undercooked mutton that smelled bad.

Zam Zam was once a well regarded brand for its murtabak and biryani. However, given the many negative reviews recently, some might wonder if their heydays are over.

Reporter’s Opinions: This kinda mistake is rather common, especially in mama shops if you frequent them. There are stories out there that didn’t go viral but I am sure most have experienced similar. 

I have experienced it myself with this particular restaurant a few times. It got to the point where I made sure to double check every order we made before paying.

The problem is that they are disorganized with their ordering system. If you’ve been there, you would realize that it is chaotic with the online ordering system and the manual receipts. For every extra order you make, they will usually give you an extra receipt. But some lazy workers will try to just add on to the old receipt and sometimes, it’s not the right table number. That is when you get extra charges like the one Ishak got.

I am not defending them, they need to get their shit together. But at the same time, they are also a business that’s trying to survive in the current economic climate. In my opinion, it is better to bring up complaints to the owners themselves rather than make it viral. That way, they will hopefully remember and try to improve their service in the future. Virality will only last for a few days at most and people will forget after that.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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