Bike Owner Demands $2000 From Thief, Gets Slammed For Extortion

A food delivery rider, Jeffer Chuan, posted a video depicting his confrontation with a thief who stole his e-bike. He attempted to get the thief’s confession and even offered to settle the matter privately. Initially, the thief denied his involvement before admitting to and apologising for his crime. The video ended with Jeffer asking for 2k by the next fortnight in exchange for not making a police report.

Source: Facebook, Singapore Incidents (Jeffer Chuan)

Despite Jeffer’s attempt in finding justice through social vigilantism, many netizens expressed their displeasure as he broke his agreement to settle privately by posting the video online and extorting a large amount from the thief.


Many mentioned that he should have just reported to the police without posting the video or extorting money.

Reporter’s Opinions: Welcome to the list of the top 10 idiots of SG in 2022 man. Nah for real, what did you expect when you posted a video which contains evidence of you VERBALLY asking for 2k from that fella? Yes, he tried your bike and yes, it’s definitely a crime. But you still broke your word in settling PRIVATELY and PEACEFULLY by letting this situation go viral.

The wise thing to do is, record a video of the guy, get his confession and cut it there. No need for private settlement or whatever shit. Just call the police immediately and give them a copy of the video as evidence. That’s it! Even if you really wanted to settle privately or extort, don’t post the video online lah! Why you sabo yourself?

2K oi!!! As if he stole your bike for more than a month. Bruh…

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Written by Lintah Darah

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