Beloved TikToker Uncle Raymond Gets Chased Away From ITE College West, Netizens Rally In Support For Him

Uncle Raymond’s (@raymondl88) iconic dance routine was interrupted by a security guard at ITE College West recently. The video was posted by patootie (@sgvirallll) on TikTok.


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The tiktoker is famous for his signature song and dance moves with random people in public places. An iconic tiktok he posted was him performing his dance with students at a lecture theatre at RP. The video garnered over 780K views and 52K likes.

He also performed with one of Plan B’s guests, Minister Ong Ye Kung.

The interruption sparked an outcry amongst netizens with many drawing parallels to a slashing incident which involved 2 ITE students back in 2015.

Source: Facebook, CNA

Many expressed their unhappiness about the way Uncle Raymond was treated.

The school had no comments on the video upon enquiry.

Reporter’s Opinions: Salute to Uncle Raymond, our national hero. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets invited to perform in this year’s NDP.  But, can we just take the time to analyse the double standards in play… 

Just look at the contrast. VIOLENCE vs HARMLESS DANCING. It’s a no brainer really. Cause if you think about it, he performed at RP and even with a high-profile minister. I don’t see a need to stop someone from doing a simple dance video who will promptly pack up and leave the premise afterwards.

If there is an actual no recording policy, then what about the students who post random shit on their IG stories in campus? Better yet. What about the person who recorded the slashing incident in the first place???

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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