Bella Amara And Sugarbelle Founder Called Out For Being Rude To Homeless Man

A Malaysian entrepreneur behind sugarbelle and bella ammara brands was called out for being rude when a video of him scolding an old homeless man went viral earlier today. 

In a series of Insta stories posted by Carl Samsudin himself, it seemed like he was giving a motivational talk at the Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur, a homeless shelter. Carl was then seen asking an old man who volunteered to speak if he regretted his life choices in a way that sounded callous and rude in the video.

Source: Instagram, Berita.MY

What added fuel to the fire was when Carl implied that he could be sent  by God to answer people’s prayers. Netizens were especially outraged at the lack of respect shown towards the old man. 

“Don’t pretend to justify your rudeness as motivation! God just gave you a little wealth and there comes your arrogance. Idiot!”

Most were not happy at how he manipulated the old man’s life story to sell his motivational speech to the residents at the transit center.

“Who the hell are you to judge his past and then shame him that way?!  If this was my father you shamed, I would’ve spit at your face. What’s the point of being money rich but you lack respect for people? “

The ever resourceful netizens also sussed out the entrepreneur’s social media handles as well as his businesses.

A number of them also questioned his morals and ethics as an entrepreneur who uses RM50 to embolden someone to share their life story only to be shamed for it afterwards.

His wife, Belle Al Yahya posted an IG story to address the issue it seems by explaining that life is filled with trials and it is up to the individual to decide how they choose to react.

Source: Instagram Story: Belle Al Yahya

There are those however who reminded Carl of his responsibility as a successful muslim and the importance of humility.

“Your wealth is your test, perhaps the uncle was sent to you by Allah to test you. To see if you’re arrogant and boastful with the wealth and success He’s bestowed upon you.”

While Carl’s intention may stem from wanting to use the mistakes of one’s life to motivate others to make better choices, the way he went about doing it was tactless because it was an elderly person he was talking to. There is no need to talk down to someone old enough to be your father.

Reporter’s Opinions: Adab is very important in any setting especially when talking to an elder. You may not agree with their choices, judge them for it but you have no right to make people feel small just because you’re in a better position than them.

As a successful Muslim entrepreneur, humility is a must. Maybe this is his way of marketing himself as a motivational coach however think twice before pushing the envelope especially in Malaysia.

This is the era of cancel culture and the extraordinary netizens will not hesitate to rally together and deliver their own justice. If they feel what you did at the expense of a poor old man to sell your service is unreasonable, be prepared for the consequences.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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