Attention Grabbing Death Themed Photoshoot Inspires Awe Of Netizens

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots but a couple in Thailand decided to take it up a notch by having a death themed one.

In a post that went viral by Nonts Kongchaw, a Thai based photographer Facebook page, he did a pre-wedding photoshoot themed “Love Beyond Death” because love is beyond death. 

There is a deep symbolic meaning to the theme as true love transcends death.

Source: Facebook, Nonts Kongchaw

The bride and groom were decked in white wedding attire and posed with “inauspicious” props such as lotus blossoms, wreaths, sandalwood and white strings amongst other death related paraphernalia according to Thai customs. White is significant in Thai culture as it symbolizes purity.

Netizens both applauded and chided Nonts for his creativity. Some appreciated the unique theme.

Others were creeped out by the bravery of the couple to be photographed inside a crematorium.

While others warned them of the consequences of disturbing a place associated with death.

A very sharp observer or a troll trying to instigate fear?

A rather deep interpretation of a photoshoot done in the spirit of fun and creativity. An art student perhaps?

Gothic and death themed photoshoots aren’t a novel idea. It has been a favourite amongst connoisseurs of dark/ alternative subculture. A Singaporean couple did one a few years back and drew positive reviews for their creativity.

Local undertakers Jenny Tay and Darren Cheng were interviewed by BBC news for their coffin theme photoshoot. The photoshoot was carried out in a waterway park in Singapore in 2015.

“We wanted it to be pretty and whimsical, not at all morbid, so we staged it there and not in an actual cemetery. We also didn’t want to scare people and the reaction to it has been very positive.” – Jenny Tay for BBC

While the Singaporean couple’s photoshoot was ethereal and romantic in the Gothic sense, the Thai version is rather morbid with the depiction of the incineration flames and the final journey in the graveyard. With Thailand’s strong belief in superstitions and the paranormal, it is no wonder why the photoshoot drew flak.

Reporter’s Opinions: While I enjoy a dark theme photoshoot, taking pre-wedding photos in a place where people are incinerated and buried is rather morbid. A tad disrespectful even.

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There is a reason why people respect and fear such places. Places associated with death are known to attract spirits and negative vibes. Even if your intention was not to disrespect anyone, you will never know if your creativity piqued the interest of the unseen.

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Don’t tempt the devil they say.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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