Anti-Muslim Music Makes Waves In India Amid Rising Islamophobia

A new genre of anti-Muslim music has been gaining prominence in India. These songs feature
explicitly separatist lyrics such as “India is for Hindus, Muslims go to Pakistan” and “If you [Muslims]
have to stay in India learn to say vande mataram [praises for India]”.

Source: Facebook, Al-Jazeera English

These songs are spread in Muslim areas within the country by Hindu nationalist mobs.

Upendra Rana, one of the singers for this genre, explained the sentiments behind his music, portraying Muslims as foreign invaders that bring violence and crime to the country.

“Muslims have occupied the state land. So the state should recover it.” – Upendra Rana

Brahma Prakash, Assistant Professor at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru
University, expressed his concern over the normalisation and spread of these songs.

Online, many have expressed their concern and wished for more tolerance and unity between people of different faiths.

However, there are those who claim that it is actually the media sowing discord by covering stories
like this.

Academics such as Prakash are wary of the songs’ influence as communal violence between Hindus and Muslims have already been making headlines for many months and this seems like it’s yet another source of conflict in the near future.

Reporter’s Opinions: “MUSLIM MOTHERFUCKERS…”

Let that sink in.

I hate it when people bring in race or religion for the purpose of supporting your own agenda. At the
end of the day, most if not all religions promote PEACE and UNDERSTANDING amongst everyone
who come from various backgrounds.

This kinda shit is unnecessary because it just leads to more bloodshed! Extremists in their respective religions be it Hinduism or Islam with the recent case of UAS should just back off and stop spreading disharmony. I can’t believe this type of stuff is still happening.

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Chap Chai

Written by Chap Chai

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