“Annoyed” Thai Karen Cuts Safety Rope, Endangering The Lives Of High Rise Workers

A 34 year old Thai Karen is facing attempted murder and property destruction charges after cutting a support rope used by high rise maintenance workers. She was apparently enraged to see them hanging outside the window because she didn’t see the building’s announcement about the maintenance work that was happening that fateful day.


One of the painters, a Myanmar national named Song, said that he and his friends lowered themselves to the 32nd floor to repair a crack on the building. He looked down when he felt his rope was heavier than usual and that was when he saw her reaching out of the 21st floor window to cut it.

Song speaking to Surat Sappakun

He and his friends were left hanging precariously by the rope outside the high rise building  as they tried to signal for help from other residents.

Netizens were enraged at the woman’s behaviour that endangered the lives of the workers.

Some questioned her mental stability.

Karen’s aren’t limited to one nationality.

One will say anything to save their skin when they realize they’ve fucked up.

Song and his friends were saved by another couple on the 26th floor who heard their pleas for help. Ms Praphaiwan, the  Good Samaritan who helped save the workers, said that she was shocked to witness the incident. She also added that it should not have happened in the first place.

Credit: SCMP

The 34 year old culprit denied responsibility initially but confessed that she had no intention of killing the workers when shown the CCTV footage. Investigations are still ongoing and if convicted, she could face a jail term of 20 years for attempted murder.

Reporter’s Opinions: What the actual fuck?! How is it their fault that you didn’t get the memo?

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Even if you were annoyed, you should take it up with the management. By cutting their safety rope, you were endangering their lives. These people are just trying to make a living doing a dangerous job many don’t dare to do.

I am pretty sure that Karen is going to go through some “psychiatric” evaluation to certify that she is “mentally unsound” which resulted in the rash act.

Fuck that. If you have anger issues, go for therapy, but serve the time.

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Lintah Darah

Written by Lintah Darah

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