A Unique Experience: Only 10,000 Pilgrims Allowed For Hajj This Year

2020 has been quite a ride and the sweetest moment by far is to witness the chosen ones perform the annual Haj when the rest of the world is still on a lockdown.

Tawaf with social distancing being performed by the Hujjaj 😯

Posted by IlmFeed on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Hopes of millions were dashed this year when it is announced that the annual Haj is cancelled, and no international pilgrims will be accepted except for the ones residing in Saudi Arabia.

Only 10,000 pilgrims were allowed to perform the Haj this year, a fraction of the annual 2 million. They are brought in small batches to do the Tawaf after being subjected to swab tests, quarantine, and temperature checks. There is also no touching or kissing of the Kaaba to limit the chances of infection.

In a recent post shared by IlmFeed, it is seen how the pilgrims are performing their Haj with safe distancing and masks on. It is an extraordinary sight to witness because the Kaaba is usually packed with people doing the tawaf and there were even reports of stampedes in the previous years.

Wondering why there are different colours included this year? The pilgrims are colour coded and they are supposed to perform the tawaf correspondingly to the coloured strips placed on the floor.

Netizens shared their thoughts on how this year’s Haj will be one to remember for a lifetime, for the ones watching as well as the ones chosen to perform the 5th pillar of Islam.

They mentioned that the distancing is a welcome change as it is safer for the pilgrims, especially the women and the elderly.

Most are of the opinion that this year’s Haj is indeed different and sent prayers for the chosen ones.

Luahan Wartawan: SubhanAllah, we are witnessing an extraordinary moment in this pandemic.

While there were a lot of debate surrounding the decision to still allow Haj in a global pandemic, I have to agree that this is decreed by the Divine.

He chooses who He wills to visit His home and these people are the chosen ones.

May He accept their Haj and may we be chosen to perform ours one day.

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