A Game Where All You Have To Do Is To Keep Your Finger On An App And Then Win USD25,000

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, a popular Youtuber who is known for his elaborate stunts and cash giveaways challenged his fans to participate in his “Finger on the App” game for a chance to win up to USD25,000.

The catch? Be the last person to lift your finger off your phone screen while the game is on.

Jimmy collaborated with internet art collective MSCHF to launch the game on June 30 and it ended on July 3 at 1.15pm eastern timing.

MSCHF is a collective behind the most viral stunts, stories and products that have spread throughout the net. It appeals to the cynical internet community for its rather quirky choice of products that follows no theme.

After 70 hours of playing, Jimmy congratulated the last four remaining players and announced that they will all receive USD25 000 each.

He called two of the players individually to congratulate them and ensure that they sleep after spending sleepless nights participating in the game.

Jimmy also paid 4 other winners USD5000 and USD10 000 each in a different variation of the game where they had to move their fingers off the app.

Even though the game required participants to move their finger at times, there were some controls installed within the app to catch potential cheaters.

“I think the beauty of the game is that we don’t really have control,” Donaldson said. “It’s really up to the people playing and seeing who lasts the longest, and I think our main thing was just keeping the game fair.”

Luahan Wartawan: This goes to show that anything and everything can be done to make money on the internet nowadays.

All you have to do is follow instructions and do a simple thing which is to keep your fingers on the app for the duration given. But the real catch here is the ability to stay still in one place which requires a lot of will power and not lose focus.

It is an interesting social experiment of sorts I would say because in today’s age, what we lack is the attention span to focus and do one thing at a time.

We have the attention span of a squirrel in this day and age where every little thing fascinates us. Somehow, we lost the discipline to really focus and work on one thing at a time.

But the lure of money remains, the things we do for cold, hard cash will never change I think.

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