13 Year Old Autism Student Recreates Apple Store In Roblox

A 13 year old boy with autism built the iconic Marina Bay Sands Apple store on Roblox from scratch. In the video below, it is hard to believe that it was not made on a designing program by an interior designer.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a platform where games are made by the players for the players. What’s interesting about it is that anyone can make money on the platform. While the games are free to play, players can buy aesthetic items on Roblox using the Robux currency. Creators get to keep a percentage of the Robux earned from these transactions. Once they earn enough Robux, they can use a program called Developer Exchange (DevEx) to convert the currency into real money.

Credits: Polygon

The talented Adam, an Anderson Secondary School student, took 3 days to complete recreating the MBS Apple Store.

In an exclusive interview with our Plan B sg reporter, Adam shared more on what inspired him to build his creative re-creations on Roblox.

Hi Adam. What inspired you to build the Apple store on Roblox?

I am an avid fan of Apple products, and after visiting the three main Apple stores in Singapore, I really appreciated the minimalist design concept found in every store. Thus, I wanted to recreate the Marina Bay Sands Apple Store in Roblox to experience it even more within the virtual world.

What was your reaction when your mother saw and appreciated your masterpiece?

I felt happy when my mother was amazed by what I created in 3 days. Her being happy and appreciating my work boosted my confidence in creating structures like this. Seeing the pride on my mother’s face because of something I did is something I will always appreciate.

What else have you “designed” and built over the years?

I have not really designed per se, but most of what I have created is composed of the drafts of ideas in my laptop. Most of what I have done are recreations. Due to some software limitations on Roblox studio, it has hindered my progress thus I drafted it in my laptop. I’ve completed a few “designs” including a waterpark and a convention centre on Roblox. My recent project is an apartment building based in New York City.

What is your ambitions or dreams?

I aspire to become an architect within 20 years, designing my own buildings and seeing them in real life.

What is your thought process like?

I actually think about it in the middle of the day and I write the ideas down in my reminders app. I review them again later before I draft it out and take note of designs I want to incorporate.

According to his mother, Adam has always shown an avid interest in art and design.

“He can spend hours in front of the laptop, doing his designs and then he will show it to me. I am amazed by what he’s capable of. I’m really proud of what he’s achieved.”

Since Roblox can be a real money making platform, Adam seems well on his way of becoming a professional architect one day.

Reporter’s Opinions: I was amazed when I saw the video. It looked like it was created on professional interior designing software.

Adam will go far. He has a keen eye for details and design. Online gaming platforms can be used for good and even help develop creativity in children.

All the best Adam! Pursue your dream and you will live it one day.

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